LIFESTUDIO:HEAD Pipelines and its Time-Saving Features in Brief

LSHEAD Workflow

Rapid Development 

A standalone LSHead.exe (on the right side of the above picture) is a tool for rapid development  - for effective head modeling and facial animation in no time:

Then, we offer the Import-Export plug-in for Maya and for 3ds max, that allows using the LIFESTUDIO:HEAD facial animation in 3ds max or Maya's environment. The plug-in also helps to attach LS:HEAD models to bodies in Maya or 3ds max and to combine head and skeleton animations.

Use the Muscles Setup plug-in if you need to embed LS:HEAD animation controls into your own very specific models (these are models you cannot shape directly from the LS:HEAD prototype).

Once you've finished the artwork under Windows on PC, LIFESTUDIO:HEAD SDK allows you to use the created model and animations in your real-time applications on PC, and on PlayStation 2 and Xbox/Xbox 360 as well - "author once and reuse everywhere".

Besides playback of animations, LS:HEAD can help you to implement advanced features in your game; you can: 

Depending on LOD, the SDK allows you to animate dozens to hundreds of LS:HEAD models on a screen. 


Adaptability - the above doesn't mean that you are limited to ready-made base level artwork shipped with LS:HEAD. You can tweak anything in LS:HEAD to fit your needs!