Digit, UK 
”Face Value” by Simon Danaher
"Of all the applications tested …, LifeStudio:Head is by far the most comprehensive in what it sets out to do…
It's a very flexible program. You can assign any animation to any head regardless of the number of points in the mesh. This is down to the program's muscle-based technology -a procedural set of deformers that can be applied to one of stock head 'prototype' models to turn it into virtually any character you like."(read more in Digit, August 2005)

Interview with Alexander Sytchev, Lifemode Interactive’s Director of Production
The SDK provides the means to incorporate all the power of the technology into your own application. You get the benefit of cross compatibility and non-linear animation. If the player of a game pushes the button and something blows up, exactly at this moment the AI can force the game character to get frightened (more>>>)

Develop, UK
Interview with Rob Thornely, FireFly Studios
“With LifeStudio:Head we can create highly detailed, realistic faces full of character and then breath life into them. If you need your villains and heroes to be believable beings not just puppets then this is the way to go”.

3D World, UK
Product Review by Pete Draper
“LS:HEAD” contains some terrific features including multiple texture mixing, non-linear animation controlled by curves, unwrapped texture export, a large library of assests and a simple to use 3ds max plug-in. with all the other facial animation software that has been released in the past year or so, this one now stands out as a contender; the main reason for this is the quality of the assets that are generated, and its ease of use to produce them.”

GameZone Online
“GZ Exclusive: Animation Experts “LifeMode Interactive” Talk
Interview with Rodion Cherednichenko, Lifemode Interactive’s CEO   

Film & Video Magazine
“Facial Animation. It’s ready for Its Close-Up, Mr. DeMille” by Debra Kaufman

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