LIFESTUDIO:HEAD® is the facial animation software that provides the tools to create and animate realistic human characters based on standard templates and then apply automated lip-synch. This package enables the creation of presentations, tutorials and web graphics for e-learning and distance training solutions.

You (or your user) can easily create a virtual teacher or mentor to present lectures or assist in taking exams.  He or she can also guide students all around the world in any language you desire.

You can integrate the characters into your own learning programs and control them in real time. The lip-synching for any language can be automatically generated from prerecorded speech files.

Easilearn: The Island Research Machines plc (RM) have released their new ‘Easilearn’ software module incorporating the LIFESTUDIO:Head technology.

The Anglo-saxon settlers that provide feedback to pupils
to help them refine and improve their decisions:

Easilearn: The Island’ is RM’s latest educational release that assists students to study subjects in an interactive manner. As an educational tool it gives a new reality to students that would normally only be available in books or films. Easilearn feels like a game to students, but poses problems that require an understanding of the subject matter.

Assistance is given by the programme guide who offers hints, tips and advice throughout each exercise and makes the students feel that they are not alone.

The LIFESTUDIO:Head software was utilised in the creation of the various guides available.

LIFESTUDIO:HEAD  technology was successfully applied in P-Profile program developed by Lifemode Interactive to offer a computerized psychological testing.