The LIFESTUDIO:HEAD® by Lifemode Interactive offers unique high-end software for creating innovative heads and mastering facial animation including automated lip-sync. LIFESTUDIO:HEAD can help integrate your processes in one streamlined workflow from artwork production to the real-time execution on multiple platforms.

LIFESTUDIO:HEAD was specifically designed for effective facial animation in real time applications. Video games are an obvious area of application but it can also be utilised in many other areas such as presentation, online assistance, distance learning mentors or tutors, web blog application etc.

Very quickly the user can produce results with the LIFESTUDIO:HEAD environment, with the help of a comprehensive set of model prototypes, texture constructors and animation libraries. The tool kit is also extremely open-ended, so you can master your specific head models in 3ds Max or Maya, as well as customize almost every other component like animation libraries or textures. An artist can create talking humans, animals, aliens, even an inanimate object within the same technology.

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One of the most remarkable features of the technology is cross-compatibility of all graphical assets (models, textures and animations) so that any character could play any animation. The result can be output as an AVI or as a set of OBJ files in the Editor tool, or rendered in 3ds Max or Maya, or it can be used by the LIFESTUDIO:HEAD API – in a facial animation engine, which may be included into other user applications.

LIFESTUDIO:HEAD SDK allows you to incorporate all the power of the technology into your own application on PC, Playstation 2, Xbox or Xbox 360. You get the benefit of cross compatibility and non-linear animation. If the player of a game pushes the button and something blows up, exactly at this moment the AI can force the game character to react and show fear or surprise. If the application is using some of the text-to-speech packages which can generate phonemes on-the-fly, then lip-synching can also be done in real-time.

When porting to an application its code and data should be highly optimized. The porting pipeline with the LIFESTUDIO:HEAD SDK is optimized to perform conversions in batch mode so that no additional work is needed.

In addition to facial animation, the SDK allows head constructing and even head generation - you may create a character in real-time or generate a crowd of people with different faces for each scene.