The powerful 3D facial animation package based on the original MACRO-MUSCLES® technology. Facial animation and avatar creation has never been easier for for any type of application, from modeling to web design. Now realistic facial animation can be achieved for games and web design companions for any target audience.   more >>>
  • For designers and 3D artists
  • For e-learning and distance training
    LIFESTUDIO:HEAD® multi-platform SDK is a high-end software tool kit to enable complete integration with any application for high-quality real-time facial animation, and automated real time lip-sync from multiple sources.
    The SDK is available for Xbox 360™, "PlayStation®2", Xbox® and Windows® PC.   more >>>
  • For Game developers, developers of realistic human simulators, etc.
    This is a plug-in for Maya that allows preparation of automatic lip-synch data from multiple sources. It also allows you complete adjustment of the phonic forms created by the program for totally realistic results.   more >>>
  • For Maya artists - to get any thing talking, even a soap-box!

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